Kiwanis Hilton Children's Centre
4325 Neill Street, Port Alberni, BC



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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Kiwanis Hilton Children's Centre is based on the belief that greater benefit to the community occurs when groups work together, share resources and plan cooperatively.


What is Kiwanis Hilton Children's Centre?

We are a group of Not for Profit agencies that provide a variety of services for children.  For over 30 years, we have brought children's services together in one facility.   Families and children, caregivers, and many professionals benefit from services being in one location, and from an environment ripe with knowledge and resource sharing. 


Working Together - A brief History in Pictures:

How non profit groups got together to in one centre to improve access to children's services in Port Alberni.  

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Triumphs and Challenges in Pictures:

See who we are, our challenges and  what we do to overcome obstacles to work together for families and children.

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The History behind the name ......

Did you know that Kiwanis Hilton Children's Centre was originally named after a local hero? Dr.  C.T. Hilton....

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