Big Brothers and Big Sisters
at Kiwanis Hilton Children's Centre




Growing Up is a challenging task. Helping a boy or girl to grow up is even more challenging.  In Port Alberni there are many boys and girls growing up without the important day to day influence of a parental figure, be it mother or father. Big Brothers/Big Sisters recognizes a young person's need for a special friend.  Someone who will guide them into a fuller life today, so that they will realize their potential tomorrow. A Big Brother or Big Sister is such a friend.

The goal of Big Brothers/Big Sisters is to contribute to the healthy development of children by providing support, guidance and friendship on a one to one basis with a caring adult.

In 1969 Big Brothers of Port Alberni was incorporated. Big Sisters was incorporated in 1989. The two groups amalgamated in 1991.  In addition to the vital service Big Brothers/Big Sisters engages in for Port Alberni, they have provided funding for such things as playground area and equipment at Alberni Elementary School, and video equipment for a viewing room for the local RCMP. 

In 1997, Big Brothers/Big Sisters Society moved their office to Kiwanis Hilton Children's Centre and became active members of the Hilton Centre Management Association, helping to raise funds and to shape policy and direction for the Centre.

for more information on the program or to find out how to volunteer, call Big Brothers at: 250-723-7450


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