Extended Therapy Services

Clinical Counselling for Children 6-12

This program aims to offer mental health services for children 6-12 years of age. 

Mental health issues in children present as difficulties with regulation, anger, anxiety, specific trauma, depression, and attachment issues. These issues may manifest as behavioral issues at home and in school. 

Parent/Caregiver support and involvement is required for this program!

This program provides parents and caregivers access to mental health services for children in Port Alberni on a fee-for-services basis. We will work with the family to access funding to pay for this service to minimize any direct cost to the family. Funding sources may include employee benefits, First Nations Health Authority funding, Victim Services, CKNW, Jordan's Principal funding or private payment for counselling services. 

Referral forms can be found under the tab REFER/CONNECT TO SERVICES.

Please contact Outreach Therapy at 250-723-1117 or programs@outreachtherapy.org for more information about services and fees.



*Currently NOT offering Occupational Therapy through this program. We will update the website when we are able to offer this service in the future. 

We offer extended therapy for the early years and school aged children through this program, for families with access to private funding.  We are happy to serve all communities in the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District.

  • Children under the Autism Program
  • School-aged children who qualify for the At Home Program
  • Jordan's Principle Funding
  • Other privately funded sources

Private therapy services available include:

  • Assessments
  • Consultation and observation
  • Direct intervention (individual sessions)
  • Equipment justification letters
  • Transitioning planning
  • Other needs