Physiotherapy helps by identifying and treating movement problems early to help children with their motor development and postural alignment.

Physiotherapy (PT) can help if a baby or child has:

  • Difficulty moving their arms or legs, or learning to sit up, to crawl or to walk
  • Muscle or joint problems
  • Postural problems of spine, legs or feet
  • Difficulties with balance, gross motor co-ordination or endurance

Physiotherapy intervention/treatment may include:

  • Monitoring the motor development of babies at risk of having movement problems
  • Teaching parents and caregivers helpful handling techniques and play activities that can be done during the child’s day
  • Specific exercises, positioning, or activities to stretch tight muscles, strengthen muscles or improve balance or co-ordination
  • Casting or splinting to improve foot posture or walking ability
  • Training in the use of walking or mobility aids
  • Determining the need for specialized equipment for support or mobility
  • Helping with the difficult physical care of a child (e.g. lifting, carrying)